Whitney enthusiasts are desperate to stay in the suite where the singer died - but it's not available

Whitney Houston‘s hotel room was reported to be back in use less than a week after she was found dead in the bath.

New guests were said to be using room 434 – dubbed the Death Room – at the Beverly Hilton Hotel just 3 days after Whitney passed away, TMZ.com reported.

But fans who want to get closer to the star by booking in will be disappointed.

‘The Beverly Hilton extends its profound sympathies to the family and fans of Whitney Houston,’ says Lynda Simonetti, Director of Public Relations. 

‘We are saddened by her passing and she will be missed by many.
‘To be absolutely clear, the room previously occupied by Whitney Houston was immediately taken out of rentable inventory once it was turned over to the hotel and there are no immediate plans for the future use of this room.’

Emergency services were called to the hotel in LA on Saturday afternoon but attempts to save 48-year-old Whitney were unsuccessful and the award-winning singer was pronounced dead at 3.55pm.

Since then, the Beverly Hilton has been added to Hollywood’s Tragical History Tour, a sight-seeing trip that takes tourists past the death scenes of stars such as Michael Jackson and River Phoenix.

The company promises that customers will be learn about ‘death, murder and scandal in Los Angeles in the cool comfort of the luxurious Dearly Departed Tomb Buggy’.

‘We’re not jumping on any bandwagon. This is what we do,’ company owner Scott Michaels tells the Los Angeles Times.

‘When (Houston‘s) 911 call becomes available, we’ll use that.

‘When people hear audio from such cases, it jars them into recognition that these are genuine individuals.’

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Anna Duff