Zayn receives death threats for his political standpoint

Zayn Malik caused controversy yesterday by using the hashtag #FreePalestine on Twitter.

It was clear that not everyone agreed with the One Direction singer’s standpoint on the Israel-Gaza conflict when he was bombarded with cruel death threats.

Some furious pro-Israel fans told Zayn, 21, to ‘kill himself’ or to let them kill him, while upset Tweeters tried to get #ZaynYouHaveFansInIsrael trending.

Followers agreeing with his hashtag also got angry, writing things such as ‘israel is sh*t i hate israel,’ and ‘i hope [Israel] gets f*cking bombed.’

In total, Zayn’s message has been re-Tweeted 196,868 times and favourited by 196,976 people.

Zayn – who’s engaged to Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards – was brought up as a Muslim in Bradford, Yorkshire along with his three sisters.

His mother Trisha converted to Islam when she married his British Pakistani father Yaser.

Despite the arguments, plenty of 1D fans stood up for Zayn and insisted that he didn’t mean to offend any Israeli Directioners with his political Tweet.

‘D u think zayn wants anyone dead?! No he just wants peace! Think about who zayn is n then tell me again,’ Tweeted one.

Another wrote: ‘Zayn loves his fans in Israel & the people of that country all he was saying is that he wants the war to end calm down.’

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Anna Duff