Fans are praying for Arshiya Malik


Zayn Malik‘s family are in turmoil after his three-year-cousin Arshiya was rushed to intensive care.

Arshiya – who’s from Zayn’s hometown of Bradford – had been given a 1% chance of survival before undergoing an operation for a brain tumour earlier this week.

One Direction fans used the hashtag #PrayForArshiya and it originally seemed as though her surgery had gone well, with Zayn’s cousin Aaroosa Tweeting: ‘Her operation was successful & she is a lot better.

His older sister Doniya wrote: ‘Thank you every1 hu did dua for arshiya things are looking good,
but still need ur duas 🙏 she had 1% chance! Jus shows there is a god And prayers work 🙏 xxx

But the next day, Aaroosa Tweeted: ‘her MRI scan didn’t come out good. Doctors are saying theres nothing they can do & have put her on life support machines now.’

Aaroosa asked fans to keep the toddler in their duas – an Arabic word for prayers – and told them: ‘the rest is up to Allah. 😢❤️x.’

Zayn, 21 – whose family are Muslim – is currently in America on 1D’s Where We Are tour and has yet to speak publicly about Arshiya’s condition.

But Aaroosa has been keeping concerned followers updated on the little girl’s progress.

Yesterday, she wrote the sad message: ‘Went to see Arshiya today. Gutted me up! Looks like a totally different baby 🙁 Please keep her in your duas. Thank you <3 xxx.’

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Anna Duff