Some 1D fans may not be pleased with this snap

Zayn Malik‘s close friend Naughty Boy is certainly projecting a VERY different image to the One Direction boys.

Since Zayn, 22, made the shock announcement that he was quitting 1D last week, he’s reportedly decided to go solo and has been spotted in the studio with Naughty, 30.

So here at Now HQ, we’ve been doing some digging on the producer – and we’ve discovered a rather controversial Twitter snap he posted back in January.

The photo is of a skateboard, which features the word ‘Zaughty’ painted across it in large letters.

As Directioners know, Zaughty is a combination of the names Naughty Boy and Zayn and the pair use it when they collaborate on music together.

So it’s likely that the skateboard has something to do with them.

Elsewhere on the board, there are drawings of a gun with ‘Killin’ it!’ written next to it, a cannabis leaf, the Batman logo, a palm tree and three pink lips.

There’s also a picture of a hand flipping the bird and the phrase: ‘F*ck the police’.

Naughty Boy – real name Shahid Khan – captioned the shot: ‘sick. you know who you are. ha,’ which was presumably a message directed at Zayn.

All of this may not go down well with 1D fans, many of whom who were upset last year when a video surfaced of Zayn and his former bandmate Louis Tomlinson smoking a suspicious cigarette.

The group later apologised.

Naughty‘s followers already have mixed opinions, with one writing: ‘that’s wicked,’ and another commenting: ‘the weed symbol and the f*ck the police sign is kind of dumb and childish.’

Meanwhile, some are wondering whether Zayn designed the board himself. An excited fan asked: ‘ZAYN!!! Did you design this!? I’d totally buy this board in a heartbeat it’s awesome!’

Zayn has always been interested in art, previously saying that he’d drawn since he was little and that he enjoyed sketching cartoons of the One Direction lads.

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