Fans thought there may be a Zalfie baby on the way

Send back the Baby-gros and cancel your hat orders! Zoella is NOT engaged or pregnant.

Nope. While the YouTube star and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes are very happy together, they haven’t decided to take the next step in their relationship just yet.

Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – got fans all aquiver yesterday when she Tweeted: ‘Something very exciting is happening tomorrow :).’

One fan asked: ‘wedding??’ while another wrote: ‘you’re telling the world that you’re pregnant ?’

But when Zoe, 25, reiterated the news, she said: ‘You will find out the exciting thing tomorrow or the day after! It’s nothing I’ve ever done before and is in the top 5 coolest things EVER!

‘p.s. I am not engaged or pregnant haha.’

Some fans were a tad disappointed with this, posting comments such as: ‘WAY TO CRUSH OUR DREAMS,’ and: ‘yours and Alfie’s baby would be the cutest thing ever.’

But let’s be honest, we’d expect Zoe to rank a baby or wedding announcement a tad higher than just in her top 5 coolest things! Perhaps No 1?!

Despite the fact that Zoe and Alfie, 21, AREN’T starting a family or getting hitched, they’re still one of showbiz’s sweetest couples.

They started dating in 2013 and are affectionately referred to as ‘Zalfie‘. In October, they revealed that they’d moved in together and they introduced fans to their puppy Nala a month later.


And Alfie – who also vlogs under the pseudonym Pointless Blog – is in on Zoe‘s secret.

He teased fans yesterday: ‘Im in London all of tomorrow with @ZozeeBo doing one of the most exciting things in my life so far! So I’ll try shoot a new video Tuesday x.’

And today he continued: ‘I don’t think you guys are ready to see what @ZozeeBo and I are doing today 😁.’

Seriously guys, what is it?!

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