Goodbye Coronation Street, hello Emmerdale!

Liz Dawn may have played Vera Duckworth on Coronation Street for over 30 years before retiring back in 2008 – but she’s joining the dark side for her grand return to the soap scene, and joining EMMERDALE. That’s right, Liz wll star in a cameo role on the Emmerdale Christmas day special as Mrs Winterbottom, a cranky guest at Eric Pollard’s B&B.


Speaking to Radio Times today, Dawn said of her decision: ‘There’s only one show I’d come out of retirement for and it’s Emmerdale. I love my character. What a feisty lady she is! Giving them all a run for their money in the B&B on Christmas Day.’

The sweet-mannered star added: ‘She’s so rude to them, which isn’t like me at all. The cast and production team at Emmerdale have been so lovely and really looked after me.’ Aww – we’re glad it all went well during filming, and can’t wait to see the episode!

The former Coronation Street star first retired because she was diagnosed with lung disease, which was behind her decision to leave the show. Speaking to The Mirror in 2013, she said: ‘My health is very bad these days. The doctors have told me there is nothing more they can do. Now, the main priority in my life is keeping well and healthy.’

We think you have the right attitude, Liz…and we’re so glad you felt well enough to grace our screens in yet another major soap! We look forward to seeing your transformation as Mrs Winterbottom…

Francesca Specter/@Chez Specter