The ITV soap has split opinion with this dark storyline

If you’re a Coronation Street fan, you’ll know that the soap likes to tackle some pretty dark subjects –  and the show’s most recent child grooming storyline is certainly no different.

This week we’ve seen evil Nathan Curtis, 35, attempt to pimp out his 16-year-old girlfriend Bethany Platt to his pals at a party – after telling her to ‘wear that sexy dress I saw on your profile picture’.

One of Nathan’s creepy mates then says: ‘She’s certainly dressed the part. I’d like to get to know her better.’

To which Nathan, who’s played by Christopher Harper, replies: ‘I promise you, when she’s ready, you will be the first to know.’


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But while children’s charity Barnado’s have come forward and praised the show for ‘shining a light on this serious but little discussed issue’, it seems like some viewers have been left feeling uncomfortable and Ofcom have revealed they’ve received complaints.

In a statement to The Sun a spokesperson for television regulator explained: ‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.’

Some viewers were left uncomfortable by the grooming scenes (Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The complaints come after the party scene was described as ‘uncomfortable to watch ‘ by many Twitter users with one writing: ‘Nathan and his mates make me sick. I don’t wanna watch while this storyline is on, it makes me feel too uncomfortable.’

Another wrote: ‘I don’t like the Bethany storyline, too dark and creepy,’ and a third said: ‘Very uncomfortable viewing tonight. Watching Bethany being paraded in front of a group of men. it was really sick and scary.’

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Despite the strong reactions, Corrie boss Kate Oates has defended the storyline explaining that it is very well researched and the show has been working closely with children’s charity the NSPCC, revealing: ‘Bethany’s story has been crafted over many months, to create an awareness for viewers about the dangers of grooming.

‘Her journey has begun in a way many young people will recognise: through feelings of low self-worth.

‘Bethany’s story is a challenging watch: but we hope it will encourage open discussion amongst friends and families about self-esteem, confidence and most importantly, safety.’

Corrie bosses have defended the well-researched storyline (Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Actress Lucy Fallon, who plays teenage Bethany in the ITV soap has also defended the sinister scenes explaining: ‘We are targeting people who watch Corrie who are quite young.

‘We’ve had really good feedback saying it’s important we’re doing it at this time, to target the right people.

‘If we didn’t do it, it wouldn’t be talked about and we want to start the conversation.’