Catherine slammed the guidelines on Twitter

Catherine Tyldesley says she won’t back down after she was slammed for disagreeing with NHS nutritional advice.

The Coronation Street star, who slimmed down from a size 22 to a size 10 by shedding 6st, caused outrage when she posted a Tweet criticising the dietary information given on the health body’s website.

I’m shocked by some of the nutritional advice available on NHS. ‘ wholemeal bread ,cereal and pasta are good for you?!?!’ #yeahright,’ Catherine, 29, told her Twitter followers on Thursday.

After a fan asked her what she’d recommend, the actress replied: cut out bread and pasta. Start the day with protein NOT cereal! Plenty of white meat, fish and green veg! X

But her attitude has been slammed by health practitioners who argue that cutting carbohydrates can be dangerous.

Catherine’s also been criticised by eating disorders specialists, with one expert telling The Sun: Carbohydrates are part of a balanced diet.

The only effective way to maintain a healthy body weight is a balanced diet and exercise.

We always encourage people in the public eye, particularly those who are a role model for young people, to carefully consider the messages they post regarding diets, weight and shape.

All too often an acknowledgement or approval can be ill-informed, unhealthy or even dangerous.’

Despite the backlash, Catherine – who plays barmaid Eva Price in Corrie – has refused to back down and stands by her beliefs.

All my tweets are MY opinions, if your beliefs are similar great. If you disagree- fine. We’re all entitled to air an opinion,’ the actress Tweeted yesterday.

I DON’T believe in cutting out carbs. I believe in cutting out BAD carbs. Processed carbs. This is scientifically proven to benefit.

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