The actress has a well-dressed little girl

Katherine Kelly has revealed that her Coronation Street co-stars have lavished her baby girl with gifts.

The actress – who played Becky Granger in the soap from 2006 until 2012 – is still very close to her old Corrie mates and was flattered by the presents they sent following the birth of her daughter Orla in March.

Catherine Tyldesley, better known as barmaid Eva Price, has been particularly generous.

‘We felt totally humbled by everyone’s congratulations messages and the amount of cards and presents we received,’ Katherine, 35, tells Hello!

‘David Neilson [the Street’s Roy Cropper] sent her the cutest little dress and Julie Hesmondhalgh [who played Hayley Cropper] sent a book.

‘Cath Tyldesley practically bought Orla an entire wardrobe.’

Aw, Kath is lucky to have such great mates.

Funnily enough Catherine Tyldesley is now expecting her own first child with Tom Pitford, due in March 2015.

It sounds like Katherine Kelly – who discovered she was pregnant just before her wedding to husband Ryan Clark – isn’t as much of a fashionista as Orla given that she favours comfort over style.

The Barnsley-born star revealed earlier this year that she used to add some modern touches to her period costumes on Mr Selfridge to keep her feet snug during filming.

‘I’m such a comfort queen,’ said Katherine.

‘I can get away with wearing Uggs if it’s a scene where I’m sitting down; I’ve already got enough going on with corsets and stuff.

‘And the sound department love me because obviously Ugg boots are quiet.’

Filming took place before Katherine Kelly‘s pregnancy could have an impact on her character Lady Mae’s wardrobe but she still felt uncomfortable in very fitted garments, particularly the painfully tight bodices she had to wear.

‘I hate the corsets,’ Katherine told TV Magazine.

‘They look great, but they make you sit differently. Everything is restricted.

‘I’ll even start getting a tingling sensation in my hands after 16 hours and my feet feel really cold. It’s just blocking your whole circulation.

‘I also need to sit down quite a lot because I feel tired. They slow you down – your body can’t quite pump things round.

‘I take my corset off at lunchtime to eat, then just deal with putting it back on later.’

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