Sam has played Chesney Brown on Corrie for 10 years

Coronation Street star Sam Aston is only 19 but he feels much older.

The actor has played Chesney Brown on the soap for 10 years and growing up on Corrie has caused Sam to grow up fast.

A few people have said to me that I’m like an old soul,’ says Sam.

I get pleasure out of things most 19 year olds wouldn’t. I love walking my dogs, going to the gym and spending time with my brother and my girlfriend.

These days a lot of young people don’t know how to talk properly. A lot just talk through Twitter but I’m not on it. And I’m not mad on going out.’

And it seems that Sam, who drives a Ford Fiesta and doesn’t like spending much money, has attracted a fanbase the same age as his ‘old soul’ attitude.

It’s still always old ladies [who chat me up], who just want to mother me,’ the actor tells the Sunday Mirror.

I’ve probably been chatted up by girls once or twice in my life. I certainly don’t get sent underwear in the mail like Ryan Thomas.’

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