Brooke cares about her friend

Brooke Vincent and Helen Flanagan shot to fame as the Webster sisters in Coronation Street and they still have a sisterly bond in real life.

Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster in the soap, feels protective towards Helen, 22, and the pair have remained close since Helen left the show last year.

‘[She’s my] big-little sister – she’s older than me, but I try and look after her,’ says Brooke, 21.

‘She’s lovely, Helen. I care for her as my friend. When I read things in the paper I think, that’s not my friend.

‘I think a lot of people are very misunderstood and don’t know the real her. We’re really close.

‘She’s very strong. She’s very hopeful as well – very positive. But I do feel for her.’

Helen’s antics are frequently documented in the press and Brooke admits that she wouldn’t like to get so much attention herself.

‘I don’t think I’d want to be seen out in public,’ the actress says.

Helen’s not really bothered. She doesn’t care what people think.

‘In one way that’s an amazing trait, but in another way I’m a bit like, I can’t go out now.

‘We’re such different types of people. She can’t go to the shop without it being a massive hoo-hah. If that was me, I’d be fuming.’

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