Relatiionship over for actress

Katherine Kelly is inconsolable after splitting from her boyfriend of five years. After months spent struggling to salvage her relationship with actor Oliver Williams, the Coronation Street actress ended it last week.

A source tells Now: ‘They’re victims of their own career success. Their relationship was suffering from the amount of time spent apart and they decided to go their separate ways rather than end up constantly rowing.’

Katherine, 29, who plays Becky Granger, has been ‘in floods of tears’ since Oliver moved out.

Last year the couple were talking marriage and babies, but gruelling work schedules drove them apart. They met when both were with the RSC and friends remarked that they were ‘the ideal couple’.

Oliver, 29, moved from London to be with Katherine, but struggled with her new-found stardom. As she became a household name, he struggled to find work and even took on a pub job near the soap’s studios in Manchester. He’s now opted to take a film role in Hong Kong.

Oli isn’t one for celebrity parties and preferred to hang out with mates and family,’ says our source. ‘They were bickering a lot and when Oli decided he needed to go to Hong Kong, the strain was too much.’

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