We're shocked by what Kym Marsh has got in mind...

With plans for her wedding to fiancé Dan Hooper well underway, Kym Marsh clearly wants to be looking her best.

But we were surprised to hear that the 38-year-old Coronation Street star is considering having BOTOX in the near future, despite never having had anything like it done before.

‘I’m thinking about it,’ says Kym. ‘I keep looking at my face thinking, shall I have some Botox?

‘I’m a bit nervous about having anything done, but I’ve got a few weeks off now so I’m going to make some enquiries – I’m thinking about just a tiny amount in my forehead.’

With her on-screen alter ego Michelle Connor going through all sorts of ups and downs on Corrie, Kym knows that she can’t have too much done as she needs to be able to show a wide range of emotions.

‘Have you seen the faces I pull on Corrie?‘ she admits. ‘I frown all the time so I’d still need to be able to move it!’

You’ll also need to be able to express yourself at your wedding, Kym!

We think the brunette star is fine as she is and we’re glad to hear that her husband-to-be Dan is in agreement.

Kym looks great – she doesn’t need it!’ he says to OK!.

The actress might not have had Botox before but she’s previously admitted to going under the knife for a boob job to take her from a B cup to a D cup.

Having the injections would be a big decision and luckily Kym has plenty of time to think about it before she ties the knot with personal trainer Dan.

The couple – who announced their engagement in December after seven months of dating – are planning to get hitched next year, though they haven’t yet settled on a date.

Botox or no Botox, we bet Kym will look gorgeous on her big day!

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