After filming a brief return to the cobbles earlier this year, Angela Griffin - who plays Fiona Middleton in the ITV soap - has teased a return full-time.

The 43-year-old, started out in Coronation Street back in 1992 along with familiar faces such as Denise Welch who she also later starred in Waterloo Road with. Angela Griffin left in 1998 but recently she had a brief comeback on screen last month when she reprised her role when her on screen daughter Emma Brooker discovered that Steve McDonald was her real father.

But despite her return being short and sweet due to other work commitments, Angela tells us she can see her character returning to the soap full time.

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Speaking on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards, she tells us, ‘It was really lovely, I literally went up there for one day and shot it all. It was really emotional, it was such a long time ago when I started in that show I was my daughter’s age and so to go back it was just amazing. I was quite sad it was just for such a short space of time but I couldn’t I’m filming a Netflix series called White Lines, so there was no way I could go back right now.’

But teased an opening in the future, adding ‘I think there is an opportunity for me to come back to Coronation Street in the future in terms of she’s my daughter and there is unfinished business with Steve but there’s no plans at the moment at all. They’re just going to let that storyline play out and see what happens. Would me and Steve ever reunite? I’d love to film that. He’s got Tracey, so I think if anything it would be Tracey, Steve and Fiona as a little love triangle thing going on there, we’ll see.’

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Never officially made it back onto the cobbles on screen but I sneaked on anyway… Who remembers Hair By Fiona Middleton? Catchy name. Absolutely loved my short but sweet return. Let’s see how it pans out with Emma, Steve and Tracy….. . . . #coronationstreet #fionamiddleton #thecobbles

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