The controversial storyline has taken an even darker turn

Coronation Street viewers have been left shocked at the latest upsetting scenes in the Bethany Platt sex ring storyline.

Thursday night’s episode ended with the 16-year-old uneasily waiting in a room at vile fiancé Nathan Curtis’ party where three men then entered to sexually assault her.


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The trio handed a grinning Nathan money before going into the bedroom and shutting the door, leaving Corrie fans horrified.

‘Felt physically sick watching those three men walking in the room with Bethany #Corrie,’ one Tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Ugh made my stomach turn watching those 3 pervs go into that room..awful to think that this actually does happen #corrie’

Meanwhile another spoke of how, despite the gangr rape scene being incredibly distressing, it was important for Corrie to show that this goes on in real life.

‘That was disgusting, disturbing I never shake at soaps, but today I have! Please save Bethany I praise #corrie for this storyline,’ the watcher posted.

Another added: ‘The Bethany story makes me feel sick to my stomach but is so important to raise awareness of. #Corrie #coronationstreet @lufallon’

Others felt that the soap – which aired the scene in a post-watershed 9pm slot – had gone too far though and should bring the long-running storyline to a close.

‘#Corrie I just want this Bethany storyline to end, it’s just harrowing and painful to watch. Enough now,’ one Corrie viewer said, whilst one said of the scene: ‘Bethany’s grooming storyline on Corrie is most vile uncomfortable thing I’ve ever watched’

Viewers are now waiting to see if groomer Nathan, 32, and his sick friends get their comeuppance in Friday night’s episode when Bethany’s family discover what’s really going on and head to the flat to try to rescue her.

Earlier in Thursday’s show Nathan put a lit cigarette out on Bethany’s arm after getting angry at her for getting drunk at his party.

It’s since been revealed that some viewers have reported the soap to broadcasting regulatory body Ofcom over the disturbing storyline.