With her character’s wedding day coming up in Coronation Street, Kym Marsh took it upon herself to find THE special dress

Yes, yes, we know getting married is about MUCH more than the dress, but it is VERY important. Hands up who has been frantically refreshing their feed, waiting for a glimpse of Michelle Keegan‘s gown following her marriage to Mark Wright?

Yup, us too.

But sadly, it’s not that Michelle we’re talking about. We’re talking about Kym Marsh‘s Coronation Street character Michelle Connor. So important was the dress that the actress took it upon herself to pick Michelle’s wedding dress.

‘We had a very specific idea of what we wanted it to be because Steve and Michelle didn’t have very much money’.

The 38-year-old soap star said how important it was that the dressed matched her character Michelle, for her big day getting married to Steve McDonald.

‘It had to be something that could maybe look second-hand so we went for a vintage theme. And the vintage theme was throughout.’

The Corrie couple have faced some bumps along the way in their relationship – it wouldn’t be a soap if it was all smooth sailing now would it? – and it seems that Steve’s ex-wife, Tracy Barlow, may have a thing or two to say about the couple getting married. ‘Well, Tracy will try and ruin the day of course’, Kym confessed.

It might have felt a bit bittersweet filming the wedding scenes, as it isn’t quite a case of life imitating art for Kym Marsh right now, as she and fiancé, Dan Hooper revealed that they were on a break earlier this month.

‘We’ve both been going through a really difficult time and it is tough obviously because there is that media spotlight. But we’ve had a lot of support from our family and friends and that’s been invaluable to us both.’

Although she might not be tying the knot anytime soon, she still felt like it was a special day when she got ready to get married on-screen as Michelle, as Kym said: ‘It was quite a moment. It might not be your actual wedding, but you still get a thrill and want to look nice.
And it seems that things got a bit emosh on set when Kym stepped out in a wedding dress!

‘I walked out in my dress, Si and the cast just stopped and went, “Aw, don’t you look gorgeous,” all teary-eyed’ Aww!

And from one Michelle to another, unfortunately Kym couldn’t make it to her former co-star, Michelle Keegan’s much anticipated wedding this week. But she made sure she sent her love over to the happy couple.

Although Kym wasn’t there, other fellow Corrie star, Brooke Vincent tweeted what a great time she had at the wedding, so much so that she was paying the price the next morning with a banging head. Ouch.

Oh, and an ex in bed, WHAT?!

Everyone settle down! Brooke was cheekily referring to her on-screen relationship with co-star Sacha Parkinson in the show.

Other fellow guests of the wedding included Antony Cotton and TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent, who both tweeted what a beautiful day it was.

C’mon guys, let us see the beautiful wedding snaps already! We can’t take the suspense any longer!

Amy Lo