Coronation Street’s live episode might not run so smoothly!

Coronation Street is celebrating ITV’s 60th birthday this month by airing a VERY special one-hour live episode.

Yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – we’ll certainly be glued to our screens on September 23!

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With any live show though, there’s bound to be some nervousness among the cast – and Corrie is no different.

Michael Le Vell, 50, who plays Weatherfield’s Kevin Webster admitted that he often mucks up during rehearsals.

‘One mistake will go out to millions, hopefully there won’t be any. But the number of times I’ve called Tim ‘Joe’ is worrying,’ said Michael, referring to Joe Duttine who plays Tim Metcalfe in the soap.

It’s safe to say, our eyes – and ears – will be on full alert for any name-calling errors.

Speaking about the live episode, Michael also explained:

‘There’s no tram crash-style stunt this time. It is character driven stories so people have more to remember.’

At last week’s TV Choice awards, Corrie cast members also spoke about their feelings towards the upcoming live show.

Sair Khan, who plays factory worker Alya Nazir admitted that she’s ‘so nervous’.

‘If you’re not nervous then there’s something wrong with you,’ explained the star, adding:

‘By the time we get to it, we’ll be so well rehearsed, we’ll know everything inside out.

The Corrie stars haven’t even had that long to rehearse for the live episode, and only had their first read-through last Tuesday.

Qasim Akhtar who plays Sair’s on-screen brother, Zeedan Nazir revealed his very cute lucky charm, which will help his part run smoothly.

‘I’ll have my mum’s prayers me, that’s all I need,’ admitted the actor.

‘We’ll have each other,’ added Sair.

Despite this, Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) reckons she could be the one to mess up even though they’re ‘going to be rehearsing day in, day out for an hours worth of episode.’

Anyone else as excited as us for the live episode?!