What's next for Louis Tomlinson's ex Eleanor?

Despite it being a week now since the shock announcement that One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson had split up from his girlfriend of four years Eleanor Calder, the drama doesn’t seem to be dying down.

While Louis has since been spotted snogging an unknown girl in a Bangkok swimming pool, Eleanor has been repeatedly photographed cutting a lonely figure back in London.
Which raises the question of what exactly is next for the recent university graduate with a degree in politics and sociology?
She’s got more Twitter followers than both Katie Price and, um, our very own Prime Minister David Cameron combined, she’s constantly being followed by fans and photographers and, well, she’s currently got the eyes of the world’s media waiting to see what she does next…
Founder of Frank PR and all-round celebrity guru Andrew Bloch, who’s responsible for some of the biggest celebrity campaigns in the country, has revealed to Now how Eleanor could go on to become a huge celebrity in her own right now following the split.
‘Eleanor’s relationship has given her a platform with a huge social media following which can lead to a lot of possibilities,’ Andrew told us. ‘Whether she does a show like Celebrity Big Brother or paid for magazine interviews and photoshoots – it wouldn’t be difficult for her to make money in the short term.’
Um, Eleanor going into CBB?
On a scale of 1 to amazing how AH-MA-ZING would that be? IMAGINE THE SECRETS SHE COULD SHARE!
Andrew also went on to explain how, if Eleanor did choose a career in the spotlight, despite the initial financial rewards, it wouldn’t necessarily be an easy one.
‘A reality show would be a dangerous game, and the public wouldn’t necessarily take to her trying to build a career through being the significant other of Louis Tomlinson. It would very much depend on her personality and confidence if she was to have any success.
‘One Direction are incredibly powerful with an unbelievable loyal following, so whatever she does would have to harness that support.’ 
What do you make of all this?
Will Eleanor go back to being a regular girl? Could she become the next big thing? Or will we just be left saying ‘who?’ after we hear her name in a few months?

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