Singer says actor helped her out of drug addiction

Courtney Love says Mel Gibson saved her from her drug addiction.

The former heroin addict – who was married to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – says she refused to seek professional help until the Lethal Weapon actor forced her to.

‘I kept slamming the door in his face. There were two drug people with me who wouldn’t leave so he couldn’t get me to rehab,’ she recalls in an interview with The Sunday Times magazine.

‘But because of Mel, the drug people ran off to have a cheeseburger with him, because he’s Mel, and then Warren [her drug minder] could get me into rehab.’

She says she now wants to help other people and claims she’s been on the phone to Pete Doherty’s mother and persuaded Kate Moss to go along to a 12-step meeting.

‘I was close to losing everything I’d worked for,’ she admits. ‘Some people don’t get a second chance.’