Rock chick asks fans to help her find a 'non-thieving, non-freaky housekeeper'

Courtney Love has turned to MySpace to help find a cleaner.

The rock chick says she’s looking for someone trustworthy and ‘normal’ in the call-out to fans.

In the message, she appeals for help finding the perfect domestic.

‘Is anyone [an] insanely clean neat-freak, near Malibu? I need a non-thieving, non-freaky housekeeper,’ she writes.

‘I know this is weird [but] the agencies suck and I’m sick of PIGS who steal, it’s as simple as that. So f** it, why not try MySpace. No superfans please. And it’s very good money.’

Courtney, 44, also says she need a PA and film-maker.