Singer has it out with Avid Merrion


Craig David hated the fact Leigh Francis, aka Avid Merrion, constantly mocked him in Bo’ Selecta!.

The singer tolerated the joke but felt totally humiliated when he made a personal appearance on the show.

‘I played along with it, I said it was cool, I can take a joke, roll with it… But it was killing me. It frustrated me beyond belief because I was there,’ Craig tells G2 magazine.

‘I’ve got this guy who is milking one of my songs, has me as a caricature, is ripping the piss out of me, a one-trick pony, just hammering it, to the point when I was like, “This is bullshit now.”‘

Craig, 26, refused to accept the 33 year-old comedian’s apology and had it out with him.

‘I said, “You’re talking out of your arse, and if you were a real comedian you’d have moved on to something else”.’

Hannah Claxton