The Battle of the Bitches may have started after Craig Revel Horwood gave Simon some interesting advice...

Shots fired from Craig Revel Horwood as he offered Simon Cowell some choice advice to boost X Factor’s lagging ratings.

The outspoken judge (the dancing one, that is) spoke to The Sun: ‘My thoughts are turning to the Christmas special and I’d love to see Simon Cowell on it.’

Okay, that’s tame for the typically barbed tongue Strictly Come Dancing judge. At least, it would have been, if he stopped there:

‘He might need to do it after this year’s dismal X Factor ratings. At least he’d get more viewers that way… Simon would fit right in on the dancefloor with those high trousers.’

Now THAT is a burn.


Though we would love to see Simon bang out those dad moves on the dancefloor, maybe Craig should’ve waited a few more days before coming after the original put-down king. Revised viewing figures showed that the first time the two shows clashed, X Factor actually BEAT Strictly.

That’s right: taking into account recorded figures and repeat channel viewings like ITV+1, their battle on Sunday October 4 saw X Factor pulling in an average audience of 8.94 millions viewers, beating Strictly’s 8.63 million. While that says nothing about Strictly’s recent ratings wins, it probably blunts the words for Simon somewhat.

That must come as a bit of a comfort to the music mogul, who said at the X Factor’s press launch: ‘This show does feel better, the talent’s great, they’re interesting, so if it’s us versus [Strictly’s] Peter Andre, I’m going to put my money on us.’ Awkward, Si. Awkward.

Never one to shy away from conflict – even making a joke about Zayn, as if a former One Direction member wasn’t untouchable – we wonder what Simon will say back. Offer to donate him some funds from the X Factor number one? Steal away Strictly dancer Kristina Rihanoff, since she appears keen to turn up on the show? Something about his suits?

Anyway, we are hoping that this little spat, if anything, can lead to the ultimate Strictly-X-Factor crossover we’ve all dream of. Think about Simon’s teeth with those sequins.

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Tom Capon