The video of Cristiano Ronaldo dressing as a homeless man to surprise a fan went viral, but in this new footage, he's quite a different character...

Cristiano Ronaldo – what a lovely prankster. We reported last week on him dressing up as a homeless man, with the help of a false beard and some padding, and taking to the streets of Madrid to show off with a football and generally spread some love.

But now, just mere days after his heartwarming stunt, he’s appeared in a new video, and he’s showing quite a different side of himself. In this latest footage, he walks down the beach with an odd limp, leers at some women and makes them run away, goes to the barber and has four haircuts in four seconds, and kicks a football at an innocent passer-by on a motorbike.

Don’t worry, Cristiano hasn’t turned into an evil street villain within the space of a week. In fact, it’s not even him behaving badly – it’s a very realistic avatar that appears in the new Grand Theft Auto game.

In the video, posted on YouTube channel TheFifa11Videos, the virtual Cristiano Ronaldo wanders around the Grand Theft Auto V world, generally causing mayhem. In one scene, he single-handedly causes a traffic jam a few miles long by standing in front of someone’s car and waving his hand in a menacing fashion, before waltzing into a strip joint and ogling some virtual dancers. Our favourite moment comes at the end, though, when computer Cristiano stands on the roof of two lorries, cruising along with a foot on each like a giant pair of lorry roller skates.

As much as we appreciate the, er, effort that’s gone into making this montage, we think we prefer the nice Cristiano Ronaldo who doesn’t pester sunbathing women or boot innocent motorcyclists off their bikes!

Cute video! Cristiano Ronaldo disguises himself as a homeless man to give a fan a heartwarming surprise