Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is snapped on Instagram relaxing while his son makes a sneaky peek appearance

Hot men or cute babies…we’re not sure which one we love more!

Thankfully, we don’t have to choose, all thanks to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s provided us with both in one pic. Cheers Cristy.

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The 30-year-old Portuguese player shared a pic on Instagram of him chilling out, maxing, and you know, just relaxing all cool in a Fresh Prince style. And while we may have been distracted by his chiseled abs and gleaming sparkling smile, we couldn’t help but notice a cheeky cameo from a certain mini Ronaldo.

Captioning the photo saying: ‘Relaxing time! Guess who’s peeking!?’, Cristiano’s five-year-old son, Cristiano Jr. can be seen peeking out from behind a sun lounger.

A cheeky game of hide-and-seek perhaps? If so, Cristiano Snr.’s not doing a very good job of seeking!

The former Manchester United team member announced that he was becoming a dad to Cristiano Jr, back in July 2010. And while he has full custody of his son, the identity of the mother has remained unknown.

Litte Cristiano looks like the spitting image of his handsome dad! And he seems to be JUST as mischieveous as the sports star too!