An an exclusive interview for ITV's This Morning, Harvey reveals his pet name for mum Katie Price. And Pricey also addresses THOSE Strictly rumours...

When it comes to being a mum, Katie Price is pretty much up there with the best of them.

But it was during her appearance on ITV’s This Morning on Friday mornin that Katie’s son Harvey, 12, revealed that he has a pet name for his devoted mama.

Be prepared – it’s pretty adorbs!

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, Katie, 36, took to the famous couch opposite hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to discuss son Harvey’s rare genetic condition in an exclusive interview for the show. Katie’s own mum Amy was there to provide support.

It’s well known that Katie doesn’t like Harvey being too much in the public eye, and the interview was the first public appearance she’s made with her oldest child in a number of years. And look how far Harvey has come!

Katie begins the interview by saying:

‘Because he was my first, I don’t know any different. He is hard work – you do play up for mummy sometimes don’t you Harvs?’

To which Harvey replies:

‘Yeah babe!’

Hold the phone. Babe? How CUTE is that?!

Glamorous mother of four Katie goes on to talk quite frankly about what Harvey has to tackle in day-to-day life, and the obstacles he’ll have to overcome now that he’s getting older.

‘He’s on the autistic spectrum as well, and obviously he’s twelve so he’s heading towards the teenage stage so he’s going to have them hormones on top of the behavioural, but the Prader-Willi syndrome [is the hardest] because he just wants to eat, eat, eat. And if [you’re] not looking he’ll steal food.’

Mum Amy was keen to point out that Harvey needs a lot of care, but it’s something they accomplish together as a family unit.

‘Anything to do with his care plan, we go together. So at any one time we know where he is medical wise and education wise,’ says doting grandmother Amy. ‘Also we have passport for hospitals as well – so if Kate is working abroad, one of us will have to be here while Harvey’s here so he keeps his routine in school.’

She adds:

‘He doesn’t have to use a braille machine which is a real bonus because we never thought he would be able to see let alone be able to read.’

Harvey then demonstrates how he uses Makaton, a form of communication using signs and symbols, to hosts Eammon and Ruth. He even gives them a drawing with the message:

‘To Eamonn and Ruth, Happy Friday! Love From Harvey xxx I love you so much.’

I’m sorry. Have your hearts melted yet?

Katie goes as far to congratulate her hosts for their patience saying:

‘It’s even [being] patient for you guys because for you interviewing us, you’ve got to be patient and he’s unpredictable and you know we all go along with what we’re doing.’

Plans for Mother’s Day Ms Price?

‘I’ll be poisoning my mother on Sunday with my cooking! But we’ve got a house full, we’ve got all the kids. It’ll be good. It’s a mad house, it’s always a madhouse!’

And what about those Strictly rumours…..

‘Do you know what I’d love to do the show – but they’ve never asked! So I’ll stir the pot up and say ‘if it’s true, give us a call!’…’

On course for being supermum of the year AND a potential Strictly star? Katie Price, you are truly spoiling us!

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