MIC star Louise Thompson has posted a new video with boyfriend Ryan Libbey...

We never really know what to make of couple videos. Sometimes our cheeks are turning red and other times we’re gushing, crying over how cute it is.

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson and her Personal Trainer boyfriend, Ryan Libbey, are one such couple. Are they cute? Are they cringe? ARGH, we can’t decide.

On Wednesday morning (23rd November) , fitness fanatic Louise posted a workout video with Ryan. Not just any old video though – Ryan uses Louise as a weight for various moves including squats and planks.

Yes it’s sweet but it’s also a bit cringe. Maybe we’re just bitter as we don’t have a hot PT lifting us up in our dining room.

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Fans of the stars are also undecided on the whole cringe/cute situation. Several fans commented with: ‘is this not one of the more awkward things you’ve seen in a while now,’ ‘This is making me feel sick‘, and ‘Weirdest f***ing thing.

Two users noticed that throughout one of the moves, Louise and Ryan kiss, which lead to them writing: ‘how much does the kissing one make you wanna be sick and go get a 20 chicken nugget box for yourself,’ and ‘the sit up kiss freaks me out.’

OK, we won’t lie. Those two did make us lol, ever so slightly. ^

davina mccall fitness gif

Another Insta user wrote: ‘Literally this has burnt my eyes @libertaaaayjh @anitaemiko @nikkif87 watch to the end it gets worse!!!’

Even ex MIC star Lonan O’Herlihy had a say. He commented with: ”New caption: Let’s watch Lonan’s videos and make a montage’.‘ Errr…

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But, on the other hand lots of Louise’s followers found the video adorable leaving comments such as: ‘this is the cutest thing 😍 i need to lose 10kg so we can do this! Xxx‘, ‘They have so much chemistry I think it’s cute lol πŸ™ˆ’, and, ‘Seriously the the cutest hottest thing I ever seen😎😍.

On Tuesday Ryan shared the below photo, further proving their love.

Good morning 😘 #myfavgirl ___________ #morning #kisses #couple #shot #happy #london #lifestyle #igfit #picoftheday

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