Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are MEGA loved up

Taylor Swift is kind of nailing that thing called ‘life’ at the moment.

Not only has she got herself a gorgeous boyfriend in the form of mega DJ Calvin Harris, who babysits her cats and likes to chill out on a extra large, blow up swan with her, but he’s also got the cutest nickname for her which made us go ‘aww’.

He calls her, ‘My girl’. Yes, it made us sing that song from the film with Macaulay Culkin too!

And no, that’s not all Taylor is, ahem, nailing, she’s also taken on Apple, arguably the biggest company in the world, this week and won! As you do!

Seriously, there’s no stopping Tay-Tay!

The Shake It Off singer penned an open letter on Tumblr on Sunday morning, shaming the tech giant for its ‘shocking’ decision not to pay artists during a three-month free trial offered to it’s subscribers.

After hours of negotiation the firm made a U-turn and will now pay every musician whose work is featured during the free trial when Apple Music is rolled out on June 30. Taylor, 1, Apple, nil!

Calvin, who has always been very private about his love life and who is believed to have been dating Taylor since February, then congratulated the 25-year-old on Twitter by writing…


What a day indeed, Calvin!

The Scotsman is currently cat sitting Taylor’s beloved furry friends Meredith and Olivia while she is on her 1989 tour in Europe.

Calvin, 31, even posted a slow-mo video of Meredith drinking from the tap this weekend no doubt to makes sure his girl wasn’t missing them too much.

Aww, these two just keep on getting cuter! Better watch out Beyonce and Jay Z, we think TayCal could steal your crown as king and queen of the music industry!

Taylor Swift V’s Katy Perry!

Lydia Southern