These A-list babies are the spitting image of their old men and it’s adorable

We may not all entertain the idea of having babies (or being around them at all, for that matter), but it’s hard not to go all gooey for kids who look JUST like their parents. In some cases it’s uncanny! While most children inherit physical genes from both mum and dad, these celebrity babies seem to have acquired their gorgeous looks from their daddies.

Take The Saturdays’ Una Foden son Tadgh, for example. He’s just over one-month-old but the little tyke is already beginning to look his rugby player dad, Ben Foden. The pair recently shared a snap of their baby boy with the caption ‘my heart could burst with how in love I am x’. N’awww!

And in terms of the A-listers, Blue Ivy might have the stunning and talented Beyonce as her mum, but she’s fast growing to look more like her dad, Jay-Z. The lips, nose, even the facial expressions are basically identical – the 3 year-old is definitely a daddy’s girl. (Just remember who run the world, okay Blue?).

But speaking of a-listers, who can forget Miss North West? When celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their first child, North, the world went into meltdown – will she look more her mum or her dad? Although Kim’s baby pictures were initially the spitting image of her daughter, the 1 year-old is beginning to resemble Kanye. Don’t you think? That’s the spitting image of his frown.

Then we have Rochelle and Marvin Humes, whomay be Britain’s fittest couple, but their 1 year-old Alaia-Mae’s good looks are looking alot like gorgeous dad’s.

Meanwhile, although Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr have split up, their little boy Flynn has basically turned into a mini version of his dad. Check out the matching floppy hair do!

And the dad-gene is pretty strong within blue blood too! If you compare pictures of Prince William as a child and his 1-year old son George, the resembelance is uncanny. Strawberry blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and a cheeky grin are just some of the features George has inherited from his royal father.

From to-be-King to King of the footy pitch, Wayne Rooney’s second son Klay is fast become a mini me of his footballer father. Not only is he already gaining interest in the sport, little Klay shares his dad’s hair, eyes and smile.

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