See the moment Cristiano Ronaldo managed to fool passers-by in Madrid with a VERY different look

Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to pull off possibly one of the greatest undercover stunts ever – and with one of the cutest outcomes too.

The 30-year-old footballer made himself unrecognisable to the public by dressing in disguise as a homeless man and heading out in Madrid city centre for a bit of fun – and NOBODY recognised him.

Ronaldo has now revealed in a behind-the-scenes video from the prank – which actually took place in January – just how he managed to fool everyone. The footage of him getting his costume on shows how he donned a wig, fake beard and even a fat suit to go incognito. That’s dedication!

Once the transformation is complete it’s VERY hard to imagine that this is a guy who women all over the world have got a major crush on. In that dull tracksuit and with the, er, extra paunch, it has to be said that he’s hardly a dreamboat.

‘People are going to think I’m crazy,’ Ronny boy himself says about his new look.

The footage shows how the newly-transformed Ronaldo goes off to the busy Plaza del Callao in central Madrid with a dog (cute!) and a football. After tying the pooch up, the Portuguese star starts having a kickabout.

Despite his impressive footwork, members of the public generally ignore the scruffy-looking fella. He even gets the brush-off from a young woman after he asks her: ‘Can I have your phone number?’

We bet she regretted saying no when his identity was revealed…

After nearly an hour Ronaldo’s stunt FINALLY pays off when a little boy responds and starts kicking the ball back to the mystery man.

The unknowing lad gets a high-five before the still-disguised Ronaldo starts signing the football for him. Then the cutest moment EVER unfolds when the sports star starts peeling off his fake hair and reveals his true identity.

As to be expected the boy’s face is an absolute picture, especially when Ronaldo presents him with the ball. TOO. CUTE.

Soon the nearby crowd – who gasped when the football unmasked himself – quickly descend and try desperately to get pictures of him. Meanwhile the stunned little lad wipes away happy tears and watches on in amazement – pretty emotional stuff, tbh!

If you want to pop by our local town centre and surprise us sometime, Ronaldo, we’d be more than pleased…

Watch the adorable video below…

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