A 72-year-old granny is the star of a new viral video after she had a full-on teenage meltdown over her hero, Mick Jagger, joining Taylor Swift on stage in Nashville

Whenever we see parents or grandparents at a pop concert, surrounded by a gaggle of high-on-too-much-fizzy-pop girls wearing matching Katy Perry/Arianna Grande/Taylor Swift t-shirts (delete as appropriate) and flashing headbands in their hair, we often wonder what the older party is thinking.

Of course, everyone loves a bit of T-Swift et al, but we suspect that deep down they’re reminiscing about the good old days and wishing they were seeing their favourite band from their youth instead.

Which probably goes some way in explaining the reaction one 72-year-old grandma had when Swifty brought Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger out on stage recently.

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The adorable granny went into full-on fangirl meltdown when Mick – also 72 – joined Taylor on stage in Nashville at the weekend to perform a rendition of the Stones’ hit (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

Happily captured on video for all the internet to see, the groovy gran is seen screaming ‘OH MY GOD’ repeatedly as she clutches her heart, throws her hands up and generally goes mad for legendary lothario Mick.

The story is made extra sweet by the fact that it was her dream to attend a Rolling Stones concert, but was unable to make any of the band’s recent comeback gigs due to health problems.

And the newly internet-famous gran didn’t go unnoticed by Tay Tay herself, who tweeted a link to the video with the caption: ‘Why I like bringing out surprise special guests on tour.’

Mick is just the latest in a long line of stars to take the stage with Taylor during her 1989 World Tour, with other special guests including Phoebe from Friends (or Lisa Kudrow, as she’s generally known), Leona Lewis, and members of her #GirlSquad including Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid.

Check out the brilliant video clip of granny freaking out to Taylor and Mick below!

Stephanie Wood