Kiam Egan and Jodi Albert are enjoying some family time at a mystery holiday destination, and it looks THE BEST

Whilst every other child in the world seems to be going back to school this week (it’s not just our Facebook feed, is it?), Kian Egan and Jodi Albert took the chance to nip off on holiday with the kids – and it looks like they are having an ADORABLE time.

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Westlife star Kian and former Hollyoaks actress Jodi jetted off with sons Koa, three, and newborn Zekey to a mystery destination last week, and Jodi has since been documenting the blissful family holiday via her Instagram account.

The trip is the baby’s first holiday for little Zekey, who arrived in the world just three months ago.

And, as first holidays go, it looks pretty awesome.

Jodi shared one snap of her and Zekey hanging out by the pool, with the little type wearing an too-cute top covered with tipis.

In another shot, 32-year-old Jodi is seen on a beach wearing a pink kaftan and throwing little Zekey into the air as the sun sets behind them. Talk about idyllic!

Elsewhere, Kian is pictured on daddy duty as he hangs out with his two boys in a multicoloured hammock (which we’d seriously like to spend some time with right about now).

And in another shot, the former King of the Jungle is seen smothering baby Zekey with kisses, along with Koa.

The holiday will no doubt be a much-needed break after what has been an up and down year for the Egan-Alberts.

Born on 21 May, Little Zekey shares the same birthday as his grandma, Jodi’s mother, who sadly died in February following a brave battle with cancer.

At the time Jodi said: ‘My beautiful little mummy passed away peacefully with her adoring family around her at 10.30pm after an 8-year battle with cancer.

‘She fought hard and her strength was inspiring right until the end. I will miss her forever and will do my best to be the loving selfless amazing mother to my children as she was to me.’

 Stephanie Wood