Emergency court hearing says it's in troubled star's best interest

Britney Spears’ father Jamie was granted temporary legal control over his daughter’s affairs in an emergency court hearing yesterday.

Jamie, 55, is a ‘suitable and qualified person’ and the decision is in 26-year-old Britney’s ‘best interest’, it was stated.

‘A civil harassment restraining order’ was also issued against the troubled star’s confidant Sam Lutfi, 33, a court rep confirmed.

Until Monday, Jamie Spears will be allowed to restrict and limit visitors to see Britney at UCLA Medical Center and to employ security guards to protect her.

He will also have access to her medical records, temporary control of the mum-of-two’s finances, the right to change the locks at her home and to remove anyone living there.

Britney’s mother Lynne accompanied her ex husband to court. And Sam Lutfi is not pleased with the outcome.

‘I object to this. Britney is fully capable of handling her own finances. Her doctors are capable of handling her health care,’ Sam told People.com.

‘You’d think in a time like this, the family would be at the hospital taking care of their daughter, rather than fighting for her money. How sad.’

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