Model has discussed marriage with her musician boyfriend

Model and girl-about-town Daisy Lowe is only 18 but she admits that she’s already discussed marriage with her boyfriend William Cameron, the guitarist and singer for indie band Blondelle.

‘We have talked about getting married and I’ve told him that if we are still together when I’m 20 then I’ll marry him,’ she reveals.

But first, Daisy – the daughter of former wild-child Pearl Lowe and Bush musician Gavin Rossdale, now married to Gwen Stefani, has some other ambitions to fulfill.

‘Before [I get married] I want to travel the world and buy a really big house. I’m planning to do that by modelling and acting,’ the teenager tells the Daily Mail.

Rumours have also been circulating that Daisy’s mother Pearl is to marry her long-term partner, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, a claim which Daisy denies.

‘They are not getting married. At the moment they’re just thinking about moving house, so that’s keeping them busy.’