We chat to to Essex’s most handsome resident on his first Christmas as a singleton, partying with the boys and who would be on his naughty list…

Dan, you’re getting us very hot under the collar with so little clothing on! Are you looking forward to Christmas?

I can’t wait. My mum and dad have split up, so I normally go to one house or the other and share Christmas between them. I’ve got lots of brothers and sisters. I’ve got one full sister and my mum and stepdad have got two little ones between them. Then my stepdad has four kids. I love coming from a big family.

Do you go out and get drunk on Christmas Eve?

Yeah, this year I’ll be out with Joey [Essex] and Tom [Pearce] and we’ll probably go to [Essex nightclubs] Faces or Sugar Hut.

Who gets the most drunk on Christmas Eve

Probably Joey. He’s one of those people – he’s either sober or he’s just blind drunk. He goes from 0 to 100 really quickly. He’s pure entertainment when he’s had a few beers.

Have you ever got so merry that you haven’t been able to eat Christmas dinner as you’ve been nursing a hangover?

Absolutely no way! My mum cooks the Christmas dinner and there’s not a chance in hell I’m missing that. She’s in control of the kitchen. I’m useless in there. She does all the work and won’t let me anywhere near the oven.

Kate Wright and Dan Edgar

Dan and Kate have now split

If you could be Santa for the day, who would be on your naughty list?

Probably my ex Kate! I’m only joking. I don’t really have the hump with anyone right now.

Is there anyone you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Not really. I’ve just been going out and enjoying myself and as I’m single now I’m having a good time. In my wildest dreams I’d give Eva Mendes a kiss – she’s gorgeous.

It’s your first Christmas in a while being single – is that going to be weird for you?

Yeah, as I’ve always been with Kate. She’d normally come over to me so it’ll be a bit different this year. But at least I don’t have to buy her a present [laughs]!

Are you talking to Kate at the moment?

For a while it wasn’t great between us – we weren’t talking at all. But now we’ve started speaking a little bit more. I spoke to her briefly at the TOWIE finale. It was all getting a bit weird – we were seeing each other and then ignoring each other. It was awkward as we have the same friends, so I broke the ice with her. I’m hoping things will start to move forward with us now.

Do you think that you’ll be friends in the future?

Definitely. I want to be friends and I think we can be, and that’s what I’ve been trying to say to her. She didn’t seem to get what I was saying, but I think it’s just going to take some time. I’d definitely like her to be my mate. We’ve known each other for too long to be strangers.

What about next year – are you on the lookout for love or do you want to stay single for a while?

I’m genuinely enjoying being single. I was with Kate for such a long time, it’s nice for me to do my own thing. I’m living with Arg [James Argent] and it’s nice not having anyone to answer to. It’s the first flat I’ve shared with a friend. I’m enjoying it.

Will you be having a Christmas party at the flat?

Hah! We’ll have to wait and see. But, knowing us, probably.

Who’s getting the most expensive gift from you?

My mum. It’ll have to be my mum now. It would normally be Kate, but…

Have you ever had a girl dress up as a sexy Santa for you?

Yeah. Well, maybe not as a sexy Santa, but they’ve worn some sexy Christmas underwear [breaks into fits of giggles].

Have you dressed up as a sexy Santa before?

Not before today. I quite like it, though.

What do you like watching on TV on Christmas Day?

I prefer to watch films rather than TV shows. Telly gets a bit boring on Christmas Day – you know, the Queen’s Speech and that. That’s not my thing. I’d rather watch kids’ Christmas films with my brothers and sisters. I love Home Alone! And this sounds cheesy, but I will tune into the TOWIE Christmas special, too. I really hope the show carries on for a while – there’s just so much drama in Essex that I feel like it probably will continue rolling on for a while yet.

Who do you think will get together on TOWIE next year?

I reckon Georgia [Kousoulou] and Tommy [Mallet] will get engaged. That’s on the cards. And never say never for me and Kate to get closer again. I wouldn’t rule it out – there are still a lot of feelings between us. We’re both doing our own things at the moment, but maybe it’s this time apart that will make us miss each other. The thing with me and Kate is that we never tried living together. That was a big thing for us. I wanted my own space, but maybe if we moved in together and made a go of it then things would work out for us.

What’s your favourite bit of Christmas dinner?

All that meat. The sausages with bacon – what are they called? Pigs in blankets! I’m a meat kind of guy. My mum does turkey and beef, so there’s loads to go around – and I end up eating quite a bit of it!