It looks like Kym Marsh’s relationship with Dan Hooper is over for good

Kym Marsh’s ex-fiancé Dan Hooper has dropped the actress’s name from his Twitter page, suggesting that their romance is definitely over.

Coronation Street star Kym and personal trainer Dan decided to take a break from their relationship last month but were hoping to patch things up.

Now it looks like there’s no going back though, with Dan removing the words ‘fiance to the most amazing girl in the world’ from his bio. He’s also changed his profile picture to a solo snap of himself.

Kym, 38, has also since edited her social media info. The star has deleted any mention of Dan, 32, from the biography section, which now simply reads: ‘actress, singer, proud mum to David, Emily angel Archie and little Polly’

She’s also swapped her photo from one of her and Dan to a cute family shot with her children.

Kym’s page used to feature the gushing statement: ‘And I have the best fiance in the world.’ The actress has now confirmed in her latest OK! column that the relationship has ended.

‘This week I’m very sad to have to tell you that Dan Hooper and I have split up,’ she writes. ‘I was hoping things would sort themselves out, but for one reason or another it doesn’t feel like we can fix things or get back on track so we’ve decided to go out separate ways.

‘I know some people will say we rushed in too quickly and that things got serious too fast, but I think you have to follow your heart and I have no regrets.’

It comes after Dan spoke out about the situation following initial reports of their break-up last month.

The fitness star – who has a four-year-old daughter, Lexi, with his Hollyoaks star ex Stephanie Waring – stressed at the time that he and Kym hadn’t necessarily called off their wedding.

‘Nothing’s broken off. We are having space and a break. False headlines,’ he Tweeted on 12 May. ‘Please leave us alone with the horrible comments.’

Meanwhile Kym kept quiet about what was going on but put a brave face on things at the British Soap Awards just a few days after news of the split emerged. She still sported her engagement ring and was all smiles for the cameras.

The Corrie star is now said to be ‘heartbroken’ by the fact that the relationship is over for good.

‘She carried on wearing her ring after she and Dan decided to take a break and hoped they’d get back together,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘But it has become clear there is no way back for them.

‘There are a lot of feelings still there, but the engagement was too much, too soon, and seems to have driven a wedge between them.

‘Neither was prepared to go through with the marriage when it wasn’t right. It wouldn’t have been fair on them, or the kids involved.’

Kym and Dan got engaged in December following a whirlwind romance. Earlier this year they spoke about their wedding plans, with Kym saying that she thought their nuptials would be ‘beautiful’.