Dan isn't too jel of Jacqueline's on-screen fiancé

It sounds like Dan Osborne is being a VERY attentive boyfriend to Jacqueline Jossa.

Not only did the TOWIE hunk, 23, tune in to watch his other half on EastEnders on Thursday night, he also Tweeted to say how gorgeous he thought she looked.

‘Lauren from Eastnders is just something else 😍,’ wrote Dan, referring to pregnant Jacqueline‘s character Lauren Branning.


It was a pretty exciting episode for Lauren. She got engaged to her boyfriend Peter Beale before discovering a tantalising new clue about his sister Lucy Beale’s murder.

After Peter – played by Ben Hardy – popped a ring on Lauren’s finger, the loved-up pair enjoyed a passionate smooch in the Queen Vic.

Dan didn’t seem too fussed about Jacqueline kissing another bloke on screen. In fact, he Tweeted: ‘Peter Beale is one lucky boy! lol.’

But he hasn’t always found it so easy to see Jacqueline get it on with someone else.

Dan admitted last month: ‘It really gets on my nerves seeing her snogging different geezers on EastEnders every week. When I first saw Jackie‘s mouth around someone else’s it annoyed me.’

Jacqueline, 22, added: ‘When I’m filming those scenes I feel funny too, especially being pregnant. Then you just get the chewing gum out and go again.’

However, Dan has said that the EastEnders cast are ‘all nice’ and has happily played in charity football matches alongside Ben, 24.

Luckily for Dan, he doesn’t have to worry about Jacqueline locking lips with Ben for quite a while as she’s been on maternity leave since December.

The pretty brunette is due to give birth to their daughter any day now. EXCITING!

Jacqueline joined EastEnders in 2010 and found it pretty difficult to say goodbye to her co-stars when she left, revealing: ‘I cried my eyes out. I’m really close to my on-screen family.

‘I got some lovely flowers from everyone and Jake [Wood, who plays Lauren‘s dad Max Branning] said a cute speech.’

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Anna Duff