Dan Osborne talks exclusively to Now about how Jacqueline Jossa helped him through the toughest time of his life

Now can reveal Dan Osborne feared his girlfriend, EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, would leave him over his turbulent relationship with his ex Megan Tomlin, who is the mother of his 17-month-old son Teddy.

Dan, 23, who spoke out for the first time to Now in an exclusive interview about those chilling recordings of him verbally abusing Megan, 22, explained Jacqueline had ‘supported me through everything,’ and says he stayed living under the same roof with his ex – when Jacqueline was pregnant – because he feared he wouldn’t be able to see Teddy if he left.

Despite saying that Jacqueline, 22, understood what he had gone through, when asked if he feared losing her throughout his battle for Teddy, Dan was overcome with emotion and burst into tears as he admitted: ‘Yeah.’

He added: ‘More than anything, I’m sorry to Jacqueline. She’s put up with so much but supported me through everything. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to her [chokes back tears].’

He denies vicious rumours he ever cheated on Jacqueline with Megan, insisting: ‘No. That’s not true at all. I stayed over at Megan‘s and slept on the sofa with Ted, but that’s it.’

Since going to court to fight for access to his son, Dan now sees Teddy three times a week and is ‘so happy’ after moving in with Jacqueline and their three-month old daughter, Ella. After his only interview on the ‘worst time of his life,’ Dan says he just wants to move on with his life and hopes that him and Megan can be friends.

‘The tapes were recorded almost a year ago, last June,’ he said. ‘I was in
a very dark place…But now we’re fine. It’s all
in the past – we’ve both moved on. I’m with Jacqueline and Megan has a
new boyfriend. If she genuinely thought I was a bad, violent person she
wouldn’t have let me see my little boy, have brought him to Marbella to
see me on Father’s Day, invited me to his first birthday party or come
to see me in panto in Liverpool with Teddy.’

He added: ‘We have the most incredible boy in the world and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world. I’ve been honest and I can hold my head up high now. Hopefully, we can all get on with our lives.’

Amy Brookbanks