A close friend reveals who 
the real star of Dancing on Ice is



The Dancing on Ice star once uttered 
the now-infamous catchphrase, ‘I’m Gemma Collins, I’ve earned my divaship.’

And it’s been clear for a while that the reality star wasn’t joking.

Gemma Collins

One of the stand-out signings of this year’s Dancing On Ice, the 37-year-old TOWIE favourite has enjoyed fame on a different level over the past two years.

But has it gone to her head?

A well-placed source tells Now: ‘The minute Gemma gets to work she becomes The GC. She knows people book her because they want that character, and Gemma gives them exactly what they want.’


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From foot rubs to weird food demands, nothing is off limits for the former car saleswoman – and people seem surprisingly happy to accommodate her needs.

Our insider adds: ‘Gemma will be like, “There’s some oil there, can you rub my feet?” And she demands specific food from specific places. Most of the time it’s pie and mash, but it has to be traditional pie, mash and liquor from one of her favourite restaurants in East London. It doesn’t matter where she’s working that day, it has to be from one of those places.’

Dancing On Ice

And these aren’t the only requirements from Gemma, who apparently isn’t keen to work until her requests are met.

‘If Gemma has an issue with something while she’s at work, she will let you know,’ says the source. ‘She’s very vocal if she doesn’t like her make-up or wardrobe and often she’ll walk off set if she’s not happy.’

Her DOI co-star Brian McFadden has echoed these comments, telling Now: ‘I’ve never seen a bigger diva than Gemma. She’s constantly got 
a massive team, screaming at people to make her tea, fix her hair and make-up. Mariah hasn’t got a patch on her!’


It’s not hard to imagine the Essex girl having a meltdown, especially after her dramatic time in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016.

One of the most memorable moments was her utter despair at being ‘forced’ to use hair straighteners.

‘So you can pay for me to have a new set of extensions,’ she wailed during a conversation with Big Brother. ‘The f**king hair is frazzled. Why didn’t you think of putting heated rollers in here? Straighteners 
are what f**king weirdos use 
on their hair. That’s what 
you think of me.’

Dancing on Ice

And last year, Now had its own run-in with The GC, during an interview for her book How to Be a Diva. She refused to speak to us after finding out we hadn’t read the book – despite the fact that we hadn’t received 
a copy of it before the chat.

But our source insists that, when she’s not being The GC, the star has a side that not many get to see, adding, ‘When she’s not playing up to the diva character, Gemma has a very caring side to her that she saves for family and close friends.’

She might be a diva but 
there’s no denying that Gem 
is pure entertainment gold!