Antony has denied 'diva' claims after James' comments

Dancing On Ice star Antony Cotton has ended up in a VERY bitter online spat with James Jordan following his exit from the show.

It all kicked off when former Strictly Come Dancing pro James seemed to suggest that Antony, 42, comes across as a bit of a diva after he was eliminated from the competition on Sunday night.


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‘Watching @dancingonice and Anthony Cotton just got destroyed by the judges but justifiably,’ James, 39, tweeted. ‘Also, is it just me but he seems like he could be a right pain to work with. Doesn’t come across likeable at all. #DancingOnIce’

James soon received a response from Coleen Nolan’s son Shane, who wrote back: ‘I’ve heard he’s a t*t’

The dancer then replied: ‘I knew it…. I’m always right. Hope you are well mate, say hi to your mum from me’

He didn’t stop there and also hit out at Antony when responding to a comment from a fan about feeling ‘uncomfortable’ over the Coronation Street star ‘talking back’ to the judges.

‘Yep! He needs to ‘Turn up, Keep up and Shut up’,’ James wrote.

However Antony soon caught wind of this and hit back by encouraging James to speak to his Dancing On Ice partner Brandee Malto to find out the truth.

‘Currently doing two jobs at the moment, so please don’t be worrying about my career,’ the soap star tweeted in a message that has since been deleted.

‘As for wondering what I’m like to work with, maybe take the guess work out and ask @YayItsBrandee? I don’t think you’ll find the answer you’re looking for. Trolls rarely do.’

Brandee then got involved and tagged James in as she defended her skating partner.

‘Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are @The_JamesJordan,’ she tweeted. ‘Antony is loving, caring and kind. He has a beautiful soul and I love that we are good friends now.

‘My journey on @dancingonice has been amazing because of him.’

And just to get the point across even further, Antony added: ‘Hope that answers your question James. And hey – best of all, I’m not you. Win, win x’

OUCH. James has been quiet on social media since so maybe this spat has been put to bed…

It comes after Antony and fellow DOI star Donna Air got the boot from the show on Sunday, leaving just five stars left to battle it out for the win.