Chris Fountain, Suzanne Shaw and Zaraah Abrahams battle it out

Dancing On Ice finalists Chris Fountain, Suzanne Shaw and Zaraah Abrahams are getting ready for the grand finale of the popular reality show.

Chris, 26 – who played ice hockey as a teenager – is favourite to triumph but Zaraah and Suzanne are still determined to beat the Hollyoaks star.

Judge Jason Gardiner reckons the actor has had an ‘unfair advantage’ but Chris disagrees.

‘I suppose it gave me a general awareness of the ice,’ he admits. ‘But I think I’ve pushed myself just as hard as everyone else. The difficulty has been tremendous.’

Suzanne, 26, has had to overcome injuries including a cracked rib and chipped ankle but feels fit enough to dance her best.

In a special treat, Torvill and Dean will perform their amazing gold medal-winning Olympic Bolero routine, accompanied by cellist Julian Lloyd Weber.

Dancing On Ice: The Final Skate-Off is on ITV1 at 7.00pm.