007 takes skiing lessons to prepare for new Bond movie

He’s already turned James Bond into a killer with a heart.

Now Daniel Craig is ready to reinvent another classic Bond image: by learning to ski.

The 007 actor, 39, is busy taking lessons ahead of the follow-up to Casino Royale, which will see him film one of Bond’s legendary Alpine scenes.

‘For the first time since 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service film, Bond will be largely snow-bound,’ an insider tells the Sun.

‘Much of it will be filmed in the Swiss Alps. The film is in pre-production for a major ski sequence.’

Meanwhile, producers are busy holding casting sessions for a Bond girl to follow in the Bafta-winning footsteps of French actress Eva Green, 27.

Rumour is the role will go to a dark-haired, Latina beauty in her late twenties.

Phil Boucher