New Bond actor said to be furious that smoking scenes chopped from film

New James Bond Daniel Craig – the first blond Bond – is miffed that movie bosses decided to cut smoking scenes from Casino Royale, because they didn’t want to to send the wrong message out to young fans.

‘I can blow off someone’s head at close range and splatter blood, but I can’t light a good Cuban cigar,’ Daniel, 38, protests.

The film is due out in November but some Bond fans are worried that Daniel isn’t right for the role. The actor’s already admitted that he’s scared of boats and hates guns, sex scenes and martinis.

Losing two front teeth as soon as filming started didn’t do much for his tough guy image, either.

Daniel admits to Parade magazine: ‘Maybe I’m not the prettiest Bond that’s ever been, and maybe I’m not the most suave.

‘All I can say is there are millions of fans, and I don’t want to let them down. I’ve worked my butt off for this movie. I’m not going to foul it up.’