Star's had enough of flak over Bond role

Daniel Craig’s totally fed up of everyone taking a pop at him over his suitability to play James Bond.

After accusations of being too short, too blond and too weedy – among others – the 38-year-old’s decided to have his say.

He rubbishes rumours that he can’t even drive a manual car: ‘I flogged the a**e of an Aston Martin DBS around Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear track,’ he tells The Sunday Mirror.

‘And in the film I got the car up to 170mph. Of course I can drive a manual.’

And what of suggestions he suffers from seasickness? ‘F**k it,’ he protests, ‘no I didn’t get queasy on that boat.’

But Daniel needn’t worry too much – he’s so far received rave reviews for his performance in Casino Royale.