Actor went through puberty while filming

Daniel Radcliffe endured some embarrassing moments in his early days as Harry Potter.

The actor – who was just 11 when he first appeared as the young wizard – found himself going through puberty at a faster rate than Harry, calling for a spot of hair removal on set.

‘In the second film, there was a shot where I had to hitch my trouser legs up to show I’m not wearing any socks,’ says Daniel, 24.

‘At 12 my legs were way too hairy, and they said, “Nobody’s going to believe any 12-year-old would have that much hair”, so they had to shave two inches up from my ankle.’

Daniel admits it was tough to grow up on screen both physically and in terms of his abilities as an actor.

‘God! Loads of stuff [I look back at with embarrassment],’ he tells The Guardian Weekend.

‘My acting lessons are there for all to see. That’s essentially what the films are, us learning to act.’

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Anna Francis