Rising star faced sex scene shame

Daniel Radcliffe admits he feared getting an erection while filming a steamy sex scene with actress Teresa Palmer.

The pair starred together in independent Aussie film December Boys.

‘Teresa was very sexy, and because of that I was worried about, er, certain things, you know,’ he says.

Luckily the Harry Potter star didn’t rise to the occasion.

‘It was okay. When you’re surrounded by cameras, lights and microphones, it all becomes too clinical,’ he tells the Daily Mail.

Teresa should be flattered, as Daniel claims he doesn’t usually find screen love scenes a turn-on.

‘Kissing on camera is so unsexy,’ explains the teenager. ‘So is fondling someone’s breast with everyone watching.’

Daniel, 18, also famously got his kit off in hit West End play Equus – but says it didn’t bother him.

‘I didn’t mind hundreds of strangers seeing my bits.’

Hannah Davies