After sadly suffering from a 'cocaine relapse', things seems very tough for Danniella Westbrook. However, the actress has now revealed a new job!

Most unfortunately, things have seemed a bit tough for former Eastenders actress Daniella Westbrook lately.

Very recently, the star has been struggling with health issues- on account of what Daniella is describing as a ‘cocaine relapse’.

After having to have her teeth removed due to a ‘blood infection’, Daniella had shared with the Daily Star Online that she’d sadly suffered a drug relapse back in October of this year.

The actress frankly shared: ‘I relapsed and I’m trying to stop using, but it’s a long road ahead. I feel broken and that I’m back to square one and my first form of defense is cocaine.’

Daniella Westbrook and George Arnold
Following this heartbreaking confession, Daniella had found herself in further turmoil- having reportedly became ‘homeless’ due to being unable to work.

Recent reports had alluded to Daniella being behind on rent, which has thus resulted in the actress loosing her property. A source recently shared with the Daily Star that Daniella has been staying with friends during the festive period.

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The source shares, ‘Obviously timing isn’t great with it being so close to Christmas but she isn’t rushing into anything and is staying with friends and family over the festive period’.

However, it now appears things could be on the up for Daniella- after the star revealed she has secured a new job!

Last week, Daniella had taken to social media to share her new position- as a dental tooth-whitening practitioner.  Sharing the news on Instagram, Daniella writes: ‘Make your mates WELL JEL this Christmas Book now…all teeth whitening done by me’.

The news of Daniella’s new job has followed her recent rant about Katie Price.

Speaking of a recent tiff between former partners Katie Price and Alex Reid, Daniella had told The Sun: ‘Listen his woman is classy and as for the ones before… well you cover a s*** in diamonds but at the end of the day it’s still a bit of s***’.

Yup… that happened.

Congratulations on the new job Daniella, sending you lots of good vibes during this tricky festive period!

Alice Perry