Is it happily ever after for TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong and James Lock?

We were in HAPPY TEARS watching last night’s TOWIE, as Danielle Armstrong reunited with ex James Lock – and then our hearts totally melted to see Danielle’s emotional tweet last night: ‘the respect & love we have no matter what we have been through will always be there.’ Oh, you guys!


The on-off couple reunited at Nanny Pat’s Royal Wedding-themed 80th, where Danielle turned up looking BREATHTAKING, dressed in no other than a Kate Middleton-inspired wedding dress. Although she got cold feet about the bold look, worrying ‘[James] probably thinks I’m a weirdo’, James – who had earlier told his friends that he and Danielle were ‘on the same page’ – seemed suitably head over heels for the look.

James told his ex: ‘Things didn’t work out, which I regret. You were always my best mate. Hopefully with time if I prove myself, you might not think about what I was but what I am now.’ Awww! We weren’t the only ones blubbling – Danielle was in floods as she admitted: ‘ I do miss what we had.’ TOO. CUTE.

The pair split last season after a video emerged of James flirting with new girl Verity, and James trying to make it up to Danielle by saying he planned to propose. At the time, Danielle hit back saying: I thought that you would come back to me, that you’d fight for me. Now I don’t think that you ever loved me.’ But it looks like things may have changed between the reality stars.

We’re so happy to see you’ve been able to work things out, James and Danielle! We LOVED that this series of TOWIE had such a happy ending…

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter