Pregnant Danielle not impressed with fellow WAG's behaviour

Danielle Lloyd isn’t impressed by Alex Curran’s spending habits – she believes she’s needlessly flaunting her money.

‘I saw pictures of Alex Curran getting a parking fine recently and I think it’s really thoughtless behaviour,’ she says.

Alex, 27, got a ticket for illegally parking her £175,000 Aston Martin, and Danielle, 26, thinks she should take more responsibility.

Alex wouldn’t think twice about spending £60 on a parking fine just because she can’t be bothered to park somewhere else,’ Danielle reckons.

‘She’s been lucky enough to marry someone with money, but she should think twice about flaunting her wealth because not everyone’s in the same boat.’

Danielle is pregnant with footballer fiancé Jamie O’Hara‘s baby, and is due to give birth at the end of July.

The couple have set a wedding date for June 2011.

Kate Lucey