Scary stuff!

Danielle Lloyd has revealed that her terrifying dog attack  has left her fearing canines for life — and it has traumatised her.

Coming back from a lovely holiday to Universal Orlando with her sons Archie, Harry and George and her fiancé Michael O’Neil, the former glamour model has described the long-lasting effects of the horrifying attack.

She spoke to OK! Magazine: ‘It was such an amazing trip, we had such an incredible time. It really was the trip of a lifetime.’

But the attack still lingers on her brain: ‘I was petrified as I could hear the dog going wild and Michael’s screams and shouts, but couldn’t see properly what was happening. He’s my hero. I was so, so scared.

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‘I’m terrified of any dog I see.’

Danielle Lloyd has since reassured fans that her fiancé is on the mend.

The dog, who belonged to one of her friends, has since been put down, and is believed to be a pitbull cross. When she originally described the story earlier this year, she described the incident as the most horrifying experience of her life.
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‘I had to watch helplessly as Michael got attacked knowing there was nothing I could do.

‘I was so glad the kids weren’t there because there is no way they would have survived because he was strong.’

We hope those guys can feel better soon.