No, it's not true that Shilpa Shetty pushed her...

Danielle Lloyd threw herself out of a plane yesterday at 13,000ft – all in a good cause.

The glamour girl, 23, took part in a parachute jump with the Red Devils at Langar airfield, near Notts – to help skin disorder charity DebRa

‘That is the best thing I’ve ever done! It went so fast,’ she beamed.

‘I chose to go first out so I wouldn’t change my mind. The scariest thing is falling out into the air. There’s a massive rush of cold air and you just brace yourself. It takes 10 seconds to get to 150mph.’

But brave Dani made sure she was insured for £1m before contemplating the risky stunt.

‘Going up in the plane, I actually thought I was going to chicken out,’ she told the Daily Star.

‘But now I just want to do it again.’